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Minnesota Fats Could Eat

(Rudolph Wanderone)

Believe me, "Fats" could empty a grocery store .

We are at Johnston City, Illinois for the very first tournament that
Jan and Paulie Jansco had. The year is 61. This was the first year that the Jansco brothers had their tournament. One pocket was the only game being played. Jersey Red, Tom Holiday, and me had gotten there to late to get in. We were there for the action now.

When it came time to eat, a lot of the player's in the tournament
where going to West Frankford, a town a few miles from Johnston City. They had a smorgasbord restaurant their that was all you could eat for $1.25. The owner liked the business that the pool tournament was bringing. Having some of the most famous names in billiards eating at his place, AND That included Minnesota Fats. He was doing what he could really do good. Break and run out on the food. Have no doubt about it. If he played pool as well as he could eat, there would be no need to have the tournament. Just go ahead and give the money to Fats.

Most of us where getting up from eating and going to the
register at the front to pay our tabs. I'll never forget the owner standing and saying to us how he appreciated our business. He was saying that us folks from the pool hall were more than welcome to come back anytime, and as he was saying this, he turned and looked directly at Fats. As for you, don't ever come back and forget the address.
So help me, the truth. Blackie

Take my word on this. When I give you a link to read a story, it's a great one. Now go here for some great reading about Fatty.

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