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Gunn Cues Shop Safety Tips

When using any tools, one of the first thoughts to have on your brain at all times is that their's no fool like an old fool. This is Mullet talking to you about a recent accident that has cost me a lot of lost time and hopefully by writing about this accident it might keep someone else from having it happen to them.

It's 11:00 at night and the dogs are barking on the porch to come in. I have a dog door so that they can come and go as they want. The wood door had swelled from a few years of weather and was catching just enough to not swing back and forth. I took the door off the hinge and went outside to my saw tables to trim about a 1/4 inch from the sides. The door is 20 inches long so using my chop saw wasn't going to work. My big radial arm saw on the other side of the table was uncovered for the first time in almost a year since the last time I used it. The last time I used it was to make rafters for a shed to store more wood in. The jig set up I made to make the cuts was done by reversing the blade and the cuts were made by pulling the saw from the inside back out. Worked great. Now back to dog door layed down on table, flashlight held in mouth, left hand in front steadying door while grabing the saw on the radial arm with right hand and push into door to trim the side. The blade was still the same way since the last time used. When the blade went into the plywood door it kicked the door back out into the top of my left hand. The only thought is what happened and I'm seriously hurt with a cut hole in the top of my hand.

I should have put the blade back to correct rotation when I finished doing the rafter cuts and none of this hurt hand would have never happened. The next morning the blade was put back on to go into the wood the right way.This should have been done when I was done using it for the rafter making and this would never have happened.

Picture is 3 weeks after accident
injured hand from saw kicking wood backwards
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