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   This is a running list of interesting places to go to on the net. Great with your morning coffee. Interesting links to inventions and health news. I made them on a running list and some of them have comments from who sent them to me. Some links You will have to copy the link and paste in your address bar. Will keep this page refreshed with the newest at the top of list. If a link is not working try another.
       Enjoy,   Mullet

Tom Sears rare pictures of black bear with 5 cubs
Nutrition Can Save America!
The must see Red Skelton.
Danny Macaskill's newest video. This one is totally incredible on a bicycle.
Piano duet by a 90-year-old couple in the Mayo Clinic lobby.
Paul Potts, most watched video on utube
Kings FirecrackersUS Naval Academy Performance
First 20 minutes of The Secret
Ronnie O'Sullivan perfect Snooker147
Casa D'Ice famous signs by Bill Balsamico
Free pool lessons, many clips from the best at The Instructional Video Network
New study of Splenda reveals shocking information
Ray Charles,Jerry Lee,Fats Domino
Moving big rocks for stonehenge
Dolphins playing with bubble rings
Song around the world
What you should know about tires
Amazing one wing landing
Huge site of everything, one of my favorites
No soft drinks for me
There coming, Air cars
Two white tiger cubs and the chimpanzee
Elephant and Dog story, gotta see it
Natural News, one of my favorites sites- Mullet
Amazing art in the eye of a needle
No words to describe this!!!!!! - KB
Beyond smart,Whata dog!!!-Lou
Well done funny song by Aaron Wilburn
Amazing use of the sun

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