Patilez 9 Ball Board Game Strategy

Looks like a close game as the opponet with the all white cue ball takes their turn. They roll double 6's. Their cue ball hits the other cue ball and they both go back to their starting places on the board. They choose the numbered ball to send back to it's starting point on the bottom of the board. They chose the 1 ball to send back for that is the one that hurts their opponet the most. They get to roll again.

This shows the position of the balls after the hit.

Any odd number that comes up on their red dice allows them to put their nine in the center 9 ball space and win the game. If they roll a even number on the red dice they can't get their 9 ball in and their opponet gets their turn to roll. You can't rule them out from winning for they can get lucky with the dice rolls and what you did to them they could do back to you and still win.

How to play this game and win
1. Go in the order of the lowest number ball first to the highest number last. The center of the board has two spaces for each number ball. Notice that the one ballís at the start of the game are eight spaces from the one spot in front of them on the center of the board. If your opponent gets to the one spot that is closest first you must go to the other one spot on the center line of the board. This space is sixteen away from the original starting point. The other balls have less distance to go if beaten to the spot closest. This is why it is important to move to the spots that are eight spaces from their starting points. The seven and the eight balls are the same distance either way. You play them last because of this. There is only one space on the center line of the board for the 9 ball. The 9 ball can be moved on any dice roll, but cannot be put on the center spot until the other numbered balls 1 thru 8 are on the center line. You would be wasting moves by not moving the lowest numbered balls first and the 7, 8, and the 9 last.

2. If you are behind in the game you have to go after your opponentís cue ball. Hitting their cue ball can put you in a winning position. After hitting their cue ball with yours, pick the numbered ball that hurts your opponent the most. This is usually their one ball. If you roll doubles you should use this to close in on your opponentís cue ball. If you are ahead then you try to stay away from your opponentís cue ball to avoid being hit.

3. When you roll the dice you are actually rolling for two games. The red dice moves any number ball you choose. The white dice moves your white cue ball. Though you have the choice to move any number ball, keep in mind that there is only one choice, sometimes two, that is correct for the number roll on the red dice. The white dice roll governs a completely different aspect of the game. You can get gutsy and hope you get away with it and hit your opponentís cue ball by closing in or you keep a safe distance from their cue ball. A safe distance is to be at least seven spaces apart. The cue balls can go anywhere on the board, as long as they don't land on a number space. You can jump over a numbered ball if it's in the middle row of the board. If a number ball is anywhere else on the board the cue ball has to go around and can not jump over it. The cue ball can not land on a numbered ball spot.

4. You must have all of your number balls 1 thru 8 on the center line of the board before you can put your 9 ball on the center spot in the middle of the board. Whoever gets to the 9 spot first winís the game. To determine the points you won by, count the spaces needed by your opponent, to have gotten all of their numbered balls on the center line.
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