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Johnny Ervolino, a Great Billiards Legend

Johnny Ervolino at his best from onepocket.org Johnny Ervolino shooting pool

Buddy Hall just had to call up his friend and old road partner, Blackie.
That is short for New York Blackie. He wanted two living legends of the game, and great friends since kids growing up together in the streets of New York, to talk to each other. Johnny Ervolino and New York Blackie. As kids they used to play for each others lunch money. A few weeks later, after talking with one another, Johnny Ervolino passed away. One Pocket magazine has a very good full documentary about Johnny Ervolino and his mark that he left in Billiards history before his recent passing. For one of the best billiards magazine's with recent news and a lot of history about the legends
of the game One Pocket, great articles, lots of great pictures,
like the one above of a young
Johnny Ervolino, go to One Pocket.org

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