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This cue has been on the bottom of the Mystery Cues page until now.
This information is from an email Gunn Cues received from a cue collector.

JD cues are made in the Philippines. His name is Joel Davis. I have purchased cues from the Philippines from different makers, but by far his cues are the best. He has done some awesome cues. Once in awhile he will use silver inlays. I have one that the balabushka diamonds are out of silver. All the cues are done by hand. I haven't purchased any of his newer cues with his name on it. He has changed the way that he use to do them by. Joel has done Scrimshaw on the cues. I am going to stop for now. If you need any more info., just drop me an email I'll try to get back to you asap. Mike

This is an email from me, Mullet, that was sent out when Wayne and I both were wondering who made it.

The Ernie style cue was made by someone in the orient. Have yet to know if he made more of these cues. I do know that when I was taken pictures of it on the table I shot a few balls with it and was a good hit. The workmanship of the inlay and points was as good as it gets. If anybody does find out who the maker is he has a job here any time. Mullet

This cue is SOLD

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