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My words about Pet Defender Flea Control from AlwaysEco.

   Some words of wisdom from someone who has raised many, many working cow dogs. Florida is scrubs, swamps, and cypress heads. If you have cattle in these parts, when it comes to getting them in working pens, you better have good dogs. I could write books if I wanted on working cow dogs but for now I'm just going to talk about fleas. Fleas have gotten to be a major problem no matter what was being used. The fleas had gotten immune to the
(I won't say product names) snipit tubes you apply to the dogs neck area. The cost was getting expensive for something that wasn't working. For the last three years it seems that the only thing for sure that held them at bay was washing with flea shampoo that worked about half the days claimed. The dogs are uncooperative about this and I'm not a happy camper either. AlwayEco has safe organic products for home and pets, flea control.

   Several weeks ago I got an article that Mike Adams did in his about a safe way to control all insect pest as well as the main varmint I wanted dead, the flea. AlwaysEco, a large pest control company in Austin, Texas, is now branching out with their products to be sold on line. Trust Mike Adams when he says they are the real deal, or they wouldn't be in his . AlwaysEco Pet Defender Spray for 100% flea and tick protectionI ordered a spray bottle of Pet Defender( direct application on dogs) and a bucket of Defender Dust for outside where they dig and lay up under the porch. I just bought enough to try out first and see if it would control fleas. I was totally amazed for something had finally shot the fleas down in cold blood.

   This led to some direct talks with the founder of AlwaysEco, Dr. Mitchel.
After talking on the phone to Dr. Mitchel at AlwaysEgo, a definite plus when you get an actual human being these days for sure, I was assured by him that their pest control products work and stay working. I've learned a wealth of information from talking directly to Dr. Mitchel at AlwaysEco. He has greatly opened my eyes to seeing the benifets of using natures organic dust from the little critters, diatoms, in the ocean. The insect pest in your home, lawn, garden and on your pets, can and will get immune to chemicals being used to control them. I'm staying away from talking about the dangers of the chemicals being used, that are claimed to be safe, and after usage do not work anymore. The products I have been using before should say toxic danger, don't let your pets get petted. 100% of training our dogs is affection. I hope it's the same for your pets too.

   What I've learned from Dr. Mitchel is that pest can never become immune when organic safe products are used. Main reason is they are eliminated by being sliced, diced and cut to death from the sharp edges of one of the major ingrediants in AlwaysEco products, amorphous silica. This is extra fine diatomacious earth. As long as it is on the surface the bugs just can't make it thru razor blade city. Dr. Mitchel explained that special tree oils are added for skin protection and to make adhesion to your pets hair so the product stays working. I use close to a guart of the Pet Defender over a three week period, on four 70 to 90 lbs. dogs. Pet Defender, that I buy by the gallon now, cost me about $12.00 a month, works with an A+ and is enviroment safe. Somebody with no income at all could pick up cans on the roadside and come up with that much money.

   The Mullets final words are go directly to
I sure am glad that this Austin base company is branching out to the public. The AlwaysEco products are what more and more cattle ranch's in the Tampa Bay area are changing to.

Links for natural health and wellness.

   Everyone that I know in the Tampa Bay area calls me Mullet. Wayne hung this name on me many many years ago from being a commercial fisherman for one, but mainly because of the smoked mullet that myself and fishing partner Buckshot have sold for years. Wayne is proof you can live off of smoked mullet. When he had his shop at Robertsons and later at Bakers Billiards he had them as his main diet. I've lived off the fish I caught since a little one. I'm definitely a lot older now, 69 years young. My diet is quite different from the rest of the crowd you usually would meet in a pool hall. Lots of vegetables, raw and light steamed, eggs, fish and wild meat, and no processed chemical foods of any kind. Hate microwave anything. No sugars or sodas for the last 40 years. The only time I've ever seen a doctor was because they were personal friends or taking their money across the pool table and not giving up mine at their office. I could teach smoothie making for I may have the record for wearing out blenders and juicers. I'm constantly learning more everday about nutrition, being living proof you are what you eat, and natural herbs for longevity and quality of life. The source for learning much of this is the net. No doupt there is confusion about what is true and false on information concerning nutrition and health. You won't have to question anything for it's valitity by using these links I have listed. I can't say enough for their teaching and health products. Their are 1,000's of links on the net but these are the ones I'm on a lot. I'm a subscriber for their articles and don't mind at all if Mike Adams of sends an hour of reading everyday to me. I would only complain if he didn't. Without wearing you out talking here's my most favorite links for ultimate quality health.

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   Dr. Oz, Outstanding talk show about factual health info.

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