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Gunn-McEniry Cues

Wayne Gunn and Terry McEniry, are the Official Apprentices to Rocky Tillis,
one of the Master Cue Makers listed in the Blue Book of Cues!
All Gunn-McEniry Cues are backed by the Lifetime Guarantee!

Thanks to All of You Folks that have recently ordered from us, along with those that referred us, we have Generated a 3 Year Waiting List on our Highly Inlayed Custom Cues. We are still turning Sneaky Pete's on a pretty regular basis, usually no more than a two month wait. We also will be doing what we call, plain fronts, no more than three veneers, four points, with custom butts within a year. Anything fancier than that.....

PLEASE Email Keith Josey, or visit his Website at www.joseycues.com

Wayne Gunn and Terry want you to know that you can trust Keith for anything that spells cue making. Wayne says this about him. Keith is one of those rare people, that was a pleasure to teach, and I strongly recommend him.

Lady's and Gentlemen, Just wanted to let you know Keith was voted by his peers to be the recipient of the American Cuemaker's Association Cue Maker of the Year for 2011. This award will be presented to him at the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo next month. See a picture of Keith on the home page of the American Cuemaker's Association website. However, you will have to scroll down to see it. (Masa, notice he is holding YOUR beautiful cue!) There are also several other pictures of Keith working in the shop listed under the PHOTO’s Tab from the home page as well.
The American Cuemaker's Association’s website address is: www.cuemakers.org
click to view some of Keith Josey's Cues
Getting to Know Master Cue Maker Keith Josey
Crafting Cues
A Day in the Lives of Two Master Cue makers
Wayne Gunn and Terry McEniry

the signature on new york blackies cueThe Signature on a Gunn Cue

A Lucky Day, Watching Master Cue makers wrap not just any cue, New York Blackie's Personal Cue! Read My Story and I Will Tell You How I Even Got To Help! What an Honor! I can Assure You, the pictures you are about to see Do Not Exist Anywhere Else!
The shot to the left is the cue before any of the wrapping has begun. Wayne and Terry sign them before wrapping, as you can see in the picture.

wayne and terry getting things organized for wrapping blackies cue Setting Up to Wrap

I am walking around the shop and yes there is a pool table dead in the middle of the shop. I know there is a story here and I'm trying to figure it out.
I look up as I watch Wayne list all of the items he needs for wraping. Such a unique list that he even has parts and pieces in his pockets and cigarette pack, just in case. Wayne and Terry being master machinists, are talking over setting gears and speeds.

Wayne Gunn, Master Cue maker

One of My Favorite Sayings, One I repeat to my children at least once a day, is You Learn Something New Each and Every Day and if you don't, you were not listening. I was listening and I heard every word that came out of Wayne Gunn's mouth. This man knows every inch
of a cue. His knowledge is not just obvious measurements and calculations that anyone can accomplish, but a true force that allows him to feel the wood that he is working and to know exactly what to do. Take a close look here and you can see Wayne running the linen wrap through his bare hands. This allows him to feel the linen and keep proper tension.

wayne gunn is carefully wrapping the irish linen on blackies cue
Terry McEniry, Master Cue maker

Did I mention Two Master Cue makers! I Was Not Kidding. Terry McEniry is one of the Most Fascinating Men I have Ever Met! Talk about Learning; I will put it to you this way. Terry is a tool and die maker that makes you aware of, as he puts it, the world of center. You can't have hit without perfect center. His Inventory is So Large and Diverse, and includes Every Type of Exotic Wood in sizes from small to giant logs. These Men Really Make Every Part of Their Cues From their Very Own Hands, no fast productions here. They Wouldn't Sell a Player such a Cue.

terry is controling the speed while wayne is wrapping
wayne and terry pressing the linen wrap on new york blackies cue Finishing Touches

This is after All of the Wrap for the Cue has been applied. I have to tell you, before we got to this point, Murphy, a constant nuisance, tried to play a game. There I was minding my own business watching when all of a sudden the spool of wrap became entangled. Well that meant that I had to put down my camera and hold the spool of wrap. Terry is working the lathe, Wayne is wrapping, and I am praying I don't mess up. I still don't know how Terry stopped the lathe as fast as he did and how Wayne's fingers weren't just split open. When these men work together their eyes talk to one another as if they read each other's mind. They were determined and they prevailed!

wayne gunn and terry mceniry are master cue makers Masters In Action

How This Picture came out so well, I'll never know. This shows their intensity as they work on Blackie's cue. This same devotion is applied to every single product that comes out of their shop whether it be cues or supplies. As they put it, We are Perfectionist of Center. Perfect Center is what makes Hit. Wayne and Terry have made it their mission to make cues Better Than what Rocky taught them, they Know He Would Be Proud!

We have made a gallery page with some of our cues. We make no two alike in looks but all our cues are slight forward balanced naturally and solid hit. Break and shoot with the same cue.
You won't put it down. click Gunn Cues Gallery

I hope You Enjoyed My Story as Well as Getting to Know Two Master Cue makers!Thanks for Giving Me Some of Your Time,Webmaster
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