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Gunn Cues Lifetime Warranty Guarantee

Handcrafted Cues, and Handcrafted Canes

  If you are a Player, you know the Standard Rule regarding cues is if you chalk it, you bought it. Most places give you a guarantee in reference to defective workmanship, which of course we offer you as well. We would Never allow such a Cue to leave our shop, not intentionally. Every cue made is shot with many times and with hard breaks before being packed for delivery. If you are in our area you are more than welcome to shoot with any cue on our shop pool table.

   If no lika so whata, the chalka doesn't matter here. The hit is their or it doesn't make it out of the shop except in the trash can.

  We do not have any seconds here. As True Master Cue maker's, we build each cue as if it were our own.

Rocky Tillis, our Teacher, Insisted on these Qualities.

  We Guarantee replacement regarding defective workmanship of any of our cues, cues supplies, and canes.

  Our Cues, have Special Methods we do, to keep your cue from ever having any problems in the future years. The entire butt is Lifetime Guaranteed for anything wrong or defective so long as we are alive.

  We are so Confident in our Shafts that we also offer as part of our Lifetime Guarantee, replacement of any shaft (or your money back) if their is ever a split or break at the Joint or splits in the ferrel.

  We Thank You for Your Purchase, it was Our Pleasure to Create your Handcrafted Cue.

Wayne Gunn and Terry McEniry

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