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Wayne Gunn's cue for the Goose

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Collection of cues from Johnny White.
J.W's Collection
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  To have a cue put on this site is free. At Gunn Cues we put the pictures up of the cues from the collectors having them for sale. Sending us good visual pictures of the cue would be needed. You can have your email for the contact or when we see that someone is of genuine interest about a cue, we put them and the owner together. We put it on the sight with no charge for doing this. We expect the owner of the cue to give us $25.00 when sold. We don't care what it finally gets sold for or traded for and our expected fee is the $25.00. The honor system is used being we are too far away to shake hands. The cues are usually left up on the site even if they are sold. If it gets sold by other means of being sold from the information from this site, let us know that it has been sold so we can label it as sold if left up on site. You owe us nothing if sold this way. We clearly mark as sold. We leave them up for a lot of people use the site as a reference about the cue, and sometimes they end up still for sale by a new owner.
Thank you, Wayne and Terry at Gunn Cues
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