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Canes by
Charles Daugherty

Some of Charles Daugherty's handcrafted gold, silver and carved ivory mounted on snakewood, ebony, lignum vitae, and many other very strong exotic woods. His canes are greatly desired the world over.

solid silver mounted on bamboo

His solid poured gold and silver heads are made using the lost wax method. His basement shop is stocked with cane blanks we turn in our shop, and can be purchased without waiting.

silver and carved ivory on snakewood ebony and cocobolo

Exotic Snakewood canes make one of the strongest canes obtainable. Most of the finished canes showed to you have long been sold, and some haven't. He makes some canes that are under $800. Most of his canes are $1200. and up and some go for many thousands more. The Skull cane below was just finished and is $1400.

solid gold surrounding a california agate mixed with gold from nature

California agate with gold in it that was made by mother nature and mounted in solid gold by Charles Daugherty.

Solid silver skull on a snakewood cane. This can give you an idea of the actual size of the cane at 38 inches long plus another side view of the gold in agate.

To inguire about buying canes click on the mailbox.

a skull made of solid poured silver mounted on snakewood
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