One Pocket Legend New York Blackie past away, age 78.

Buddy Hall called me Wednesday August15,07 that Blackie passed away at Massac Memorial Hospital,Metropolis Il.
He will be missed by many, the world over.
New York Blackie playing at Gunn Cues

More will be written about Blackie, but for now this will have to do. One Pocket Magazine has a article on him talking about is past games. Blackie lived at our shop in Tampa for about 4 years. To view their article click here One Pocket Magazine New York Blackie

New York Blackie

His good friend Jimmy Ried Jimmy Ried sayed this about him: "Blackie addressed the balls, kept his head down and pocketed balls as good as anyone on earth, on any table...Later, Jimmy." Jimmy also told us that he didn't know he could read unless it was a dog racing program. Blackie loved to gamble.
Jimmy, We Thank You For Your Interest and Support! Wayne and Terry

New York Blackie at Gunn cue shop
This picture is of Blackie burying me playing one pocket at the shop around 2002. Blackie stayed here for about 4 years.
New York Blackie hustling some grouper in the gulf
Blackie loved to fish and eating them even more.

New York Blackie spent a lot of time showing shots and how to shoot out of many traps in one pocket and reverse the game around in your favor. Here he is showing some tips at Bakers with one of the regulars that came in there.
New York Blackie showing some tips at Bakers Billiards.

Some of his Bar-B-Que day's pictures below. Jansco Brother's Johnston City 1962 and with Buddy in 1988, Akron Ohio

Jansco's daughter gave me this picture taken of me at Johnston City Buddy Hall and New York Blackie at the Akron Ohio tournament in 1988
New York Blackie and his dad in the early 60's
Early 60's with his dad.
Buddy Hall and New York Blackie talking pool at Fatso's Billiards in Tampa.

Buddy Hall and New York Blackie talking pool at
Fatso's Billiards in Tampa. 2002 or 03
A Legend, New York Blackie
Truly One-of-a-Kind!

Blackie has truly played all of the greats and won many more times than he lost. Playing snooker he was unbelievably good. When it came to nineball he took all comer's. As he puts it, when talking to me, I BAR-B-QUED them. Blackie was full of stories of his road travels. The one about Fatie, being told not to come back to eat at one of those all you can eat places, to Red and him on the road back during a time before most of us weren't born yet, is featured for one.

As long as there is someone to remember you are still alive. Blackie will always be remembered by many, the world over.

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