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Bill Stigall, One of Billiards Greatest

Bill Stigall shooting at Baker's Billiards being watched by Berry Gazort from the side and Randy Beardsly taking picture

Bill Stigall died Aug. 20, 2005 Age 61
after having heart surgery. Bill had settled in Plant City, a small town just east of Tampa, Fl., where he had a construction company. Wayne and I have known Bill from the late 60's on. Bill was a tournament promoter as well as being one of the top players in the world.

With permission from the Tampa Tribune, for a great article written on Bill Stigall's passing by Jan Hollingsworth, click here.

I've got several old pictures of Bill at Baker's Billiards. The one being shown was taken by Randy Beardsly's dad, a known photographer, while Randy was taking pictures of the match at a Baker's tournament. Anyone having letters, pictures or links to other sites about Bill Stigall please send them to us from the mail box below.

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