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Boom-Boom,s Balabushka Cue

Boom Boom's custom cue made for him in 1969 by George Balabushka

Boom's Balabushka, custom made for him by George Balabushka in 1969. He has the original bill of sale.

This cue has had magazine articles made about it as well as Boom has had many tournaments he has won with it. This Balabushka cue is as documented as they come.The two shafts, one Boom had made to shoot with and the original made by George Balabushka for his cue . There is a second original shaft that Boom played with in the tournaments. Boom says that one has won him many tournaments and he is not letting it go. The joint protectors are original with the cue and this was something that George Balabushka rarely did but here they are. Boom also has a lot he wants to say about the history of George Balabushka from his days as a kid playing pool with this Legend.

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Boom's Balabushka made custom with his name in the clear butt sleeve

If you are interested, Booms asking price is $35,000 cash.
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